We believe in the power of great ideas.

Built on quality service, excellent design and construction with a unique view, we are the people’s choice when it comes to swimming ponds.

First, set up a free design consultation with one of our expert builders.  Let us know the size and layout of your property and what type of water addition you have in mind.  Popular additions include gazebos, fountains, fire pits, umbrella chairs, and more.

After that, we’ll guide you or your contractor in the process of creating the most wonderful backyard beach for your home.


Zydeco has the resources and knowledge to undertake just about any job.

Custom Designs

We engineer custom designs for each client’s project specifically.

Stock Designs

Stock swimming pond architectural designs are also available for sale nation wide.

Custom Swimming Pond Designs

Have us custom design a pond in your backyard

Whether its used for relaxation, entertaining, exercise, or all of the above!

Whats included?

  • Free consultation to discuss design and estimated build cost
  • Custom 2d or 3d design of your pond and backyard including add on items of your choice such as a a gazebo, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, patio cover, etc.
  • Engineered blueprints which are needed to obtain county building permits prior to build
  • Contractor worksheets with instructions on materials needed and steps to build the pond from start to finish.
  • We offer phone support, email support, and free shipping on all custom plans.  Additional customization’s ( 2x ) are free of charge and included with the purchase.

Please reach out to us using the contact form below or you may call us to discuss our custom design package with pricing.

Stock Swimming Pond Plans

*We will be adding stock plans for sale very soon for homeowners/contractors whom are interested in building a pond.  Plans will included stock size ponds that can be built in most backyards, and instructions on how to construct and the materials needed to have your own backyard paradise in little time. Please check back regularly and/or also send us a message using the contact form below for more information.

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